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R and J WorkShop are based in Shanghai, China, a mobile application company that strives to deliver both outstanding client satisfaction and quality Kids Education Apps. We aer continue to focus on helping businesses utilise mobile technology to enhance their current business practices.

Our focus at R and J Apps is always geared towards client fulfillment, all of our projects are client led and thus this makes them the most important element to us.

R&J WorkShop 專門對iOS/ Android手機的APPS開發,APP廣告等營銷宣傳。
 兒童學習APPS開發方案(iOS/ Android版本)
 商業APPS開發和解決方案(iOS/ Android版本)
 學校資訊APPS
 手機商業廣告服務
創新的iPhone和Android APPS能提升公司的企業形象和接觸新的客人,手機APPS是一個新的平台來宣傳您的企業,拉近客戶與顧客的距離,令客戶獲得最大的回報。
iPhone和Android APPS總是需要創新的思維和深入的技術知識。你需要專家和技術熟練的開發人員,對你的想法或業務需要,提供一個可行的解決方案。